About Adventure Box Technology

Adventure Box Technology is a computer game technology company based in Stockholm, Sweden. The company provides ”Adventure Box”, an online platform where users can make, share and play 3D games.

Adventure Box is the world’s only fully online, streamed consumer game engine and sharing platform for user created games. Our solution makes it easy for the user to create games. Programming skills are not required. Games are easily shared, one-click to play using streaming. There is no need for resource-demanding down- or uploading of files.

We have developed Adventure Box using our unique patented Volumetric Pixel (VOXEL) 3D technology, which enables highly effective 3D-streaming, resulting in very low bandwidth demands. A VOXEL can be described as a 3D version of a PIXEL, like a virtual LEGO brick.

Games created using Adventure Box are today published on different online gaming sites around the world. Gamers experience no difference between professionally created games, and the best games created by amateurs using our platform. A fact that further proves the strength of Adventure Box.

Our technology has applications for many different industries, and the interest in our online 3D streaming solution is growing. As a result, we also offer licensing of our technology and related expert consulting services.

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