Our patent is titled “System, method and device for three-dimensional modeling”. For three-dimensional modeling we use Volymetric Pixels, or voxles, for short. Voxels can be considered to be virtual Lego blocks. They allow easy making of 3D models for the novice users.

In addition this ”true” 3D-method defines volumes in three dimensions and allows for properties to be allocated to these volumes. A volume could for example model water, which would freeze at sub zero temperatures and evaporate at +100 C. Being able to allocated properties to 3D models results in that more advanced interactions can be programmed into the software built around these “true” 3D models than was previously possible with traditional projected surface only 3D models. One key advantage with Adventure Box is the ability to stream and play 3D games as a cloud solution for a web browser compared to the traditional way of downloading and installing the software on a PC or mobile phone. Most people prefer to stream rather than downloading. Our patent combines the latest development in service distribution (streaming) with the 3D technology of the future (voxels).

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