Licensing and Consulting

To meet the strong demand for our technology, from several different industry segments, we intend to license our patented invention and offer consulting services to implement solutions based on our technology. We will also engage in expert consulting assignments.

We will initially act within three fields:

  • Media
  • Streaming
  • Technology

Within Media we utilize the Adventure Box game engine to assist our business customers to create 3D web experience, all from small promotional games to full 3D web design. Our first licensing deal was within this field. We build and licensed a small bonus game for a gaming site.

Many game companies now see the need to start streaming games but lack the competence to do so efficiently. We share our expertise, technology and we license our patent rights. We can assist with streaming both traditional surface based 3D games as well as full 3D voxel games. We can take on publishing assignments to create a streamed version of an existing downloaded game.

Voxel technology has its origins in the fields of physics and medicine. Indeed our founder and CTO Cleo created the first version of our own engine for the NLAC, the National Accelerator Laboratory, originally named Stanford Linear Accelerator Center. Voxel technology also has its application in many other fields such as engineering, 3D printing and design. We aim at partnering with companies who offer expertise in specific areas in order to bring solutions to the market within a range of applications. Such partnerships can take the form of licensing agreements or joint ventures.

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