Articles of Association

This is an unofficial translation, in case of discrepancies, the Swedish version shall prevail.

Articles of association for Adventure Box Technology AB (publ).

Organisational identity: 556963-6599

§ 1 Company name

The company name is Adventure Box Technology AB (publ). The company is a public limited liability company.

§ 2 Registered office

The registered office of the company is in Stockholm.

§ 3 Operation

The company's business will be to develop, license, sell and otherwise commercialize technology for computer games and other interactive media and intellectual property rights to computer games and other interactive media, to own and manage real estate and movable property, and to conduct business therewith. § 4 Share capital

The share capital shall be at least 500 000 SEK or at most 2 000 000 SEK.

§ 5 Number of shares

The number of shares should be at least 5 000 000 or at most 20 000 000.

§ 6 Board

The board consists of 3-10 Directors. The board is elected annual at the Annual General shareholder Meeting for the period that follows the Annual General shareholder Meeting.

§ 7 Chartered accountants

The company should elect 1 - 2 chartered accounts with or without deputies.

§ 8 Notice

Notice of the Annual General Meeting shall be made through advertising in the Post and In- dian's Newspapers and by making the notice available on the company's website. At the same time as the notice is given, the company shall advertise in Svenska Dagbladet and announce that the notice has been given.

Notice of Annual General Meeting and notice of Extraordinary General Meeting where the issue of amendment of the Articles of Association will be dealt with shall be issued no earlier than six weeks and not later than four weeks before the Meeting.

Notice of other Extraordinary General Meeting shall be issued no earlier than six weeks and no later than two weeks before the meeting.

§ 9 Attendance at AGM

In order to participate in the Annual General Meeting, shareholders must either be included in a printout or other presentation of the entire share register regarding the ownership conditions five working days before the Meeting, and must register with the Company on the date stated in the notice of the Meeting. This day must not be Sunday, any other public holiday, Saturday, Midsummer Eve, Christmas Eve or New Year's Eve and must not fall earlier than the fifth weekday before the Meeting.

§ 10 Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting is held annually within 6 months after the end of the financial year.

The following matters must be discussed at the AGM.

  1. Election of Chairman of the Meeting
  2. Establishment and approval of voting length
  3. Approval of agenda
  4. Election of the minutes of the minutes and one or two adjusting officers to adjust the minutes together with the chair.
  5. Examination of whether the meeting has been duly convened
  6. Presentation of presented annual report and auditor's report and, where applicable, consolidated and consolidated auditors' report
  7. Decide on
    - determination of income statement and balance sheet and, where applicable, consolidated income statement and consolidated balance sheet
    - dispositions of profit or loss according to the adopted balance sheet
    - discharge from liability for Board members and the CEO
  8. Determination of fees to the Board of Directors and auditors
  9. Election of the Board of Directors and, where applicable, auditors and any deputy auditors
  10. Other business, which arrives at the AGM in accordance with the Companies Act or the Articles of Association.

At the Annual General Meeting, each person entitled to vote may vote for the entire number of shares owned and represented by him, without limitation in the number of votes.

§ 11 Financial year

The financial year is January 1 - December 31.

§ 12 Record day provision

The shareholder or trustee who, on the record day, is entered in the share register and recorded in a record register, according to Chapter 4. the Act (1998: 1479) on central securities depositories and the keeping of financial instruments or the one recorded in a reconciliation account in accordance with Chapter 4. Section 18, first paragraph 6-8, mentioned law, shall be assumed to be competent to exercise the rights set forth in Chapter 4. Section 39 of the Companies Act (2005: 551).


Adopted at Extraordinary General Meeting 2019-07-09

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