Management Team

Christopher Kingdon CEO, co-founder and Director

CEO and Board Member since 2014.
Born: 1967.
Education and professional Experience: MSc Royal Inst of Technology (KTH), MBA Stockholm School of Economics (SSE). Developed and sold five companies (mobile Position AB, Signalsoft Inc, Dotify AB, Networks In Motion Inc and Plotagon AB). A pioneer of Location Based Services industry. Started a product line (Mobile Positioning System) for Ericsson while living and working in Sweden, Germany and the USA.
Past engagements during the last five years: Director of the board of Plotagon AB. Shareholding in Adventure Box Technology AB: 183 519 shares.
Shareholding in the Company: 838,395.
Warrants in the Company: 45,020.

Cléo Hayes-McCoy CTO and co-founder

CTO since 2014.
Born: 1980.
Education and professional Experience: BSc in mathematics, Trinity University.
Past engagements during the last five years: Board member for Happy L-Lord AB (name change to Adventure Box Technology AB)
Shareholding in the Company: 838,395 (incl 700,000 shares via the fully owned Company Robert O'Leary Consulting).
Warrants in the Company: 45,020.

Dan Greening COO

COO since 2019.
Born: 1959.
Education and professional Experience: PhD Computer Science UCLA. Created and sold two companies. A published Scrum/Agile/Lean coach and lecturer.
Past engagements during the last five years: Board member for Happy L-Lord AB (name change to Adventure Box Technology AB).
Shareholding in the Company: 145,000 via the fully owned company Senex Rex LLC.
Warrants in the Company: 52,780.

Dmitrii Sapelkin Product Manager

Product Manager since 2017.
Born: 1975.
Education and professional Experience: CAD Engineer, St Petersburg. Designing games since 2005 for Electronic Arts, Oberon Media, Activision and Midway.
Shareholding in the Company: 0.
Warrants in the Company: 22,510.

Rickard Riblom CMO

CMO since 2018.
Born: 1972.
Education and professional Experience: Studied at the Royal Inst of Technology (KTH), and Stockholm School of Eonomics (SSE). Also studied psychology. Headed growth/marketing for 4 online companies. Prior to that a management consultant.
Shareholding in the Company: 1,500.
Warrants in the Company: 25,000.

Hans Richter CFO

CFO since 2019.
Born: 1949.
Education: File Kand from Stockholm University, MBA Uppsala University.
Other ongoing assignments: chair; Magelhusen AB, member: Icehotel AB, Gällöfsta Training Center, Vi Går i Mål AB. CFO on a consulting basis: Kancera AB, Klaria AB, Nicoccino AB.
Previous assignments over the past five years: Chairman: All of Sweden's Assistant AB, IPQ IP Specialists, ID-Entity AB, viZuera AB, Camitz & Lindberger AB, Anti-Snore Sweden partner AB, member: Vivaldi AB, IHM Business School, Albihns Patentbyrå AB, Professional Corporate Governance AB, OTH Business Management AB.
Other relevant experience: Hans Richter has worked as a business controller / CFO at a number of companies; Beijerinvest, Vick Scandinavia, Wrigley Chewinggum, Huddinge University Hospital, Pharmacia Biosensor AB, Vice President Finance: Ervacogruppen AB, Albihns Patentbyrå AB, CEO AB Nackahem.
Shareholding in the Company: 2,400.
Warrants in the Company: 0.

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