Management Team

Christopher Kingdon CEO, co-founder and Director

CEO and Board Member since 2014.
Born: 1967.
Education: MSc, Royal Instititue of Technology (KTH) och Executive MBA, Stockholm School of Economics (SSE).
Other assignments: Substitute Cavalio AB.
Past assignment over the last five years: -
Other relevant experience: Experience of startups since 2001, including Mobile Position AB, Signalsoft Inc, Dotify AB, Networks In Motion Inc and Plotagon AB. As an intrapreneur, Christopher has created a product line at Ericsson. He also has experience as an innovator in position-based services and technologies, which has led to several patents.
Shares: 885,548.
Options: 45,020.
Independent in relation to the Company and the Company's management:
Independent of major shareholders: Yes.

Cléo Hayes-McCoy CTO and co-founder

CTO since 2014.
Born: 1980.
Education: BSc in mathematics, Trinity University.
Other relevant experience: Built her first 3D-engine for the Stanford particle accelerator.
Shares: 838,395 including 700,000 shares via the fully owned company Robert O'Leary Consulting.
Options: 45,020.

Dan Greening COO

COO since 2019.
Born: 1959.
Education: PhD Computer Science, UCLA.
Other relevant experience: PhD Computer Science UCLA. Created and sold three companies. A published Scrum/Agile/Lean coach and lecturer.
Shares: 145,000 via the fully owned company Senex Rex LLC.
Options: 52,780.

Dmitrii Sapelkin Product Manager

Product Manager since 2017.
Born: 1975.
Education: CAD Engineer, St Petersburg Other relevant experience: Designed games since 2005 for Electronic Arts, Oberon Meida, Activiaon and Midway.
Shares: -
Options: 22,510.

Rickard Riblom CMO

CMO since 2018.
Born: 1972.
Education: Studied at the Royal Inst of Technology (KTH), and Stockholm School of Eonomics (SSE). Also studied psychology.
Other relevant experience: Headed growth/marketing for 4 online companies. Prior to that a management consultant.
Shares: 1,500.
Options: 25,000

Hans Richter CFO

CFO since 2019.
Born: 1949.
Education: File Kand from Stockholm University, MBA Uppsala University.
Other relevant experience: Hans Richter has worked as a business controller / CFO at a number of companies; Beijerinvest, Vick Scandinavia, Wrigley Chewinggum, Huddinge University Hospital, Pharmacia Biosensor AB, Vice President Finance: Ervacogruppen AB, Albihns Patentbyrå AB, CEO AB Nackahem.
Shares: 2,400.
Options: -

Michael Bendsen Creative Director

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