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The acquisition of the Danish company Multiverse with the gaming platform KoGaMa gives Adventure Box Technology access to a modern gaming platform, revenue streams and approximately 700,000 active visitors every month. The number of games created and published is significantly greater on KoGaMa compared to the old Adventure Box platform.

On September 30, it was announced that Adventure Box Technology is acquiring the Danish company Multiverse with the gaming platform KoGaMa.

The primary motivation behind the KoGaMa acquisition is to drive growth and expand our market presence.

  • We gain access to a well-established gaming platform, KoGaMa, with a proven track record of having strong user activity.
  • KoGaMa has income generated through advertising, in-app purchases, and the potential for out-licensing the technology in the future.
  • We gain access to an expanded consumer base, achieved primarily through organic growth.

KoGaMa is about two years ahead of Adventure Box's old gaming platform in terms of development, and through the acquisition we get a platform that meets the users' needs in a better way. At the same time, KoGaMa is under constant development and improvements are made continuously by an extended developer team.

"Our initial focus has been on getting our feet firmly on the ground and creating a solid foundation for our future success. We are dedicated to streamlining our operations and reducing our costs, and the initial stages of combining our organizations and production operations has been a success. We look forward to continuing this path and achieving our business objectives," said Michal Bendtsen, CEO Adventure Box Technology AB

That KoGaMa is popular among game creators is shown by the attached diagram, which shows the number of games created and published during the third quarter on KoGaMa compared to the old Adventure Box platform.


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